Bull Terrier  Rescue Club of Southwest Florida Inc.  

Please e-mail us at    rescuemebt@comcast.net or you can  fill out any of  our forms under the forms tabs.   

I had to post the above picture,  This is Bill Becker, with one of many rescues at the farm.  Their eyes tell the whole story.  This is how Bill spends his Saturdays.  Thank you Bill.  You have made our world  better, you made this dog's world.  
Carolyn at the farm. 
It's a seven day a week commitment.
Robert and Jasper Kimbrell at the 2011 Silverwood Rescue Parade.  

  We lost Jasper on April 7th,  2012.

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Thanks for helping me find my forever home.  
                   Love,  Brandy to edit this text.
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Carolyn and Shorty a.k.a. Pitt Boss at the Amazing Pet Expo in Tampa Bay on March  23, 2013. We had a rescue booth and Max was going to his forever home. Thanks  to everyone that participated, and to everyone we met !!